1. In the field of xenotransplantation, currently in the xenogeneic nerve cell transplantation in the treatment of Parkinson disease, treatment of diabetic islet xenograft transplantation and donor pig breed, we have been walking in the forefront of international peers, the International Xenotransplantation sector contribution to our team highly recognized.
2. The team led by Professor Wang Wei is the only team with the only perfect isolation and purification technology for porcine islets from the embryo to the adult pig in China.
3. The team led by Professor Wang Wei is the only team that has independently completed the swine islet transplantation for the treatment of diabetic Ganges River monkeys.
4. As the XLS related clinical application of xenogeneic cells products base in the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, with the leading domestic and international advanced technologies and research achievements in the aspects of basic and clinical research of islet transplantation, has ten years of research experience and research team, has a domestic first-class research equipment, first-class professional transplantation ward and patient resource. The Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University is currently the only company is approved by the Ministry of health clinical study of xenogeneic pancreatic islet cell hospital.
5. China has abundant resources of pig resources. Our previous work has bred pig species suitable for xenogeneic islet transplantation, and established a pig transplant line with international standard, which has complete independent intellectual property rights.
6. We have established the first Asian Pacific pig production base with the independent intellectual property rights and the first cell preparation center with the independent intellectual property rights, and have the cell preparation center meeting the clinical requirements and cGMP standards, and the corresponding supporting equipment.
7.We have a first-class international resources, Carl G Groth Professor, former chairman of the Nobel prize in medicine review committee of Karolinska Institute is our science adviser, transplantation center, University of Sydney Spring Point Project America islet (currently the only foreign medical grade donor pigs R & D units) have good relations of cooperation with us. This makes our work at an international level, and our work is carried out in accordance with international standards.
8.The pig inbred pigs that have been bred for more than ten years and are suitable for xenogeneic islet transplantation have eliminated the possibility of all the cross infection pathogens between pigs and pigs, and solved the doubts that there may be safety hazards in xenotransplantation.
9. The separation and purification of islet cells through our unique culture system in vitro culture (anti rejection technology and islet protection technology), the body immune system against the immune rejection of transplanted islet cells decreased obviously, which greatly improves the safety of transplantation, significantly reduced the amount of anti rejection drugs, but also transplanted islet cells get maximum protection.