Islet Isolation and Purification

    We have cell preparation centers meeting clinical requirements and cGMP standards and corresponding supporting equipment, and we use international advanced professional cell separation equipment to automatically separate and purify islet cells. The basic principle of this method is to separate cells accurately and quickly by using the advanced gradient density separation method based on the characteristics of different cells with different densities. At the same time, under the proprietary program, the designated separated density cells were adsorbed into different collection tubes and processed, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of islet cells and other tissue cells.
    Due to the adoption of new technology and islet rejection protection technology of our unique immune tolerance induced by porcine islet cells in the preparation process, this will make the rejection clinically acceptable to patients, minimizing the amount of anti rejection drugs at the same time, has also been transplanted islet cells maximum protection.
Separation and purification of islet cells through our unique culture system in vitro cultured islet cells has four major characteristics: 1 enhance survival transplanted islet cells in the human body (high activity); the transplanted islet cells insulin secretion increased (efficiency); for the human immune rejection of transplanted islet cells the reaction is reduced, high biological safety (low rejection, high security); the separation and purification of islet cell number and high purity (high extraction rate).