Clinical Study

1. The new comprehensive treatment for the anti-rejection reaction of cell and tissue xenotransplantation was established.

2. The best puncture point and transplant position of porcine islet transplantation were identified.

3. After being cultivated in our specific in vitro cultivating system, the rejection rate of transplanted islet cells was reduced to the degree that the patients could accept, which reduced the dosage of anti-rejection drugs to the maximum.

4. Under the approval of the Ministry of health, the R & D team has completed the early stage clinical study of porcine islet transplantation for the treatment of type I diabetes, and has achieved an exciting therapeutic effect. The International experts  conducted a special discussion on this project and considered that the study process is convincing, their conclusion is: porcine islet transplantation for diabetes treatment is safe and effective, the project has been in the international leading level.

5. Currently, we are entering the countdown phase of xenotransplantation clinical trials standardization .