Pre-clinial Study

1.In the early stage diagnosis research field of xenotranplantation rejection-free, the experts explored the assessment and diagnostic techniques of transplants rejection from the perspectives of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Physiology, Histology and Imageology.

2.The completion of the preclinical research of using porcine islet to treat the diabetic monkey and islet transplantation methods is the necessary preliminary work for porcine islet transplantation developing into clinic. The XLS technical team is the only one in China that independently completed the small animals’ experiments, the rhesus research and the preliminary studies aimed at diabetics. It is also the only team who owns the whole system of techniques, from the basic research to preclinical research of porcine islet transplantation.

3.The XLS research team has already set up the inbred line of donor pigs with high efficiency and high safety that is suitable for islet xenotransplantation.

4.In the field of xenotransplantation, the preclinical research level of the XLS (based on the immune tolerant anti-rejection plan induced by T regulatory cellauto-transfusion, non-immune injured cell protection plan and the imaging monitor of immune rejection) and foreign counterparts are on the same page.

5.The XLS used in vitro culture system of islet cells with independent intellectual property right to improve the function, vitality and apoptosis resistance of the islet cells in transplant patient is bodies.

6.The XLS has accomplished the basic and preclinical research of porcine neurocyte transplantation treating Parkinson is disease.

7.The XLS has developed the micro-encapsulated porcine neurotrophic cell with independent intellectual property right for the treatment of Parkinson is disease.

The XLS has perfected and innovated the core technologies of porcine islet transplantation for diabetes treatment from donor pig breeding to islet separation and purification, clinical transplantation and anti-rejection treatment etc., some of which have been granted national patents.