The Reasearch of Porcine Islet Transplantation for the Type I Diabetes will Enter into New Clinical Stage

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Professor Wang Wei‘s team: saved thousands of patients from suffering

Porcine islet transplantation for the treatment of type 1 diabetes research into the clinical stage

Source: People‘s Network - Hunan channel, 2017, 09 month, 08, at 11:40 Changsha September 8 Xinhua (reporter Lin Luotiao) today, the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University professor Wang Wei released a research team, "" pig "islet transplantation for type 1 diabetes in small sample clinical research" expert assessment results, the study formally entered the clinical stage.
Professor Wang Wei team after nearly 21 years of efforts, transplantation of porcine islet gradually made many breakthroughs, and today by experts successfully opened up a broad road for large-scale pig islet transplantation.
    Professor Wang Wei introduced: "from now on, we cooperate with domestic hospitals have the ability in patients with diabetes, through two years of effort, and strive to achieve a year more than 10000 Tuolikuhai to diabetic patients."
    What is the effect of the pancreas islet from the transplanted pig to the transplanted human islets most concerned about? Professor Wang Wei said: "basically achieve the similar effect with transplanted human islets, that is to say, the basic effect is the same. Of course, we are still working hard to further improve the therapeutic effect, and strive to achieve the therapeutic effect of curing diabetes."
In the small sample clinical study of new pig‘s islet transplantation for type 1 diabetes, the transplanted porcine islet was extracted from the donor pig provided by the world second and the first Asian biosafety donor pig breeding center.
    Donor pigs in the breeding process, with particular emphasis on the quality of donor pigs were optimized, not only to ensure that various organs and blood vessels of the pigs‘ health, ruled out the provisions of the International Xenotransplantation Association leads to zoonotic disease pathogens, is to avoid any infectious disease of pigs to be transplanted patients, to biological safety standards of WHO the provisions of the standard of medical grade pig.
    This innovative technology ensures the biosafety of porcine islet transplantation, and overcomes the defects of human islets to avoid pathogens and autoimmune attacks. It lays the foundation for the clinical   research of swine islet transplantation for the treatment of diabetes.
(Luo Shuai, Zeng Lu: commissioning editor)