Hunan -- the Birthplace of International Islet Xenotransplantation

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(Professor Wang Wei and his research team seek the way for islet xenotransplantation)


[Q & A]

What is the xenotransplantation technique?

The technology of heterogeneous islet transplantation is to extract islet cells from specially bred donor pigs and transplant them to diabetic patients, so as to achieve the goal of treating diabetes.

Why do we need xenotransplantation?

Homologous transplantation is the most ideal, but donors can not meet the transplant needs of 1% patients. Only through technological breakthroughs in xenotransplantation is it possible to solve this problem.

What stage has this technology developed?

In September 8, 2017, this technology has passed the expert evaluation organized by Hunan Provincial Medical Association. The expert group agreed that the technology of heterologous islet transplantation to treat diabetes reached the leading level in the world. (for links, please click: ‘final review: five international first in Hunan‘)